Zaragoza Fair

Feria Zaragoza

Feria de Zaragoza – Zaragoza Fair – is one of the leading trade fair organizations in Spain, hosting a number of events that are at the forefront of the international scene of professional fairs in Europe.

A pioneer in the world of fairs: since it started its activity with a general event at the beginning of the 1940s, it has adapted both its commercial strategy and its facilities to the needs demanded by the market and has developed all the specific services necessary for the organization of any type of event, both professional and recreational.

The site, functional and versatile, has a total area of 360,000 square metres, distributed in 11 pavilions of different sizes and large outdoor areas. Located nearby the motorway, it is accessible directly by the road from the main Spanish cities. It is 6 km away from the city airport and 9 km from the city centre.

In November 2010, Zaragoza Fair began to manage also Zaragoza Congress Palace. It is, without doubt, a space that goes beyond its high architectural importance. Located on the banks of the Ebro River and positioned in a magical enclave, due to its development for the 2008 International Water Exhibition, it is a unique and multidisciplinary place where all kinds of events can be accommodated.

Its value lies, above all, in its functionality and the versatility offered by this unique building, which has three clearly defined and diverse areas: Exhibition Area, Lobby and Meeting Rooms and the Auditorium; the latter with a capacity for 1,400 people. The central hall has 1,000 square metres and a height of more than 20 metres that, with the natural light, allows to offer a bright space and with excellent opportunities.

In total, it encompasses an area of 22,000 square metres, which include Room 2008 from which the whole city can be seen and multipurpose rooms with the surface of 2,000 square metres, which are optimal for holding small fairs, trade or product exhibitions, large banquets, etc.

Technical data (total surface: indoors and outdoors, parking, facilities, access)

Recinto autovia A-II

Pavilion 15,600 m2
Pavilion 29,330 m2
Pavilion 38,960 m2
Pavilion 411,200 m2
Pavilion 55,600 m2
Pavilion 614,040 m2
Pavilion 716,800 m2
Pavilion 815,120 m2
Pavilion 91,840 m2
Pavilion 1013,646 m2
Pavilion 1116,257 m2
South External Area51,948 m2
West External Area10,051m2
South Entrance
South Entrance 2
West Entrance

Site of the Zaragoza Congress Palace

Floor -1
Room -1899050
Room -2303020
Floor 0
Room 1495025
Room 2445025
Room 3435025
Room 4435025
Room 5435025
Room 6435025
Room 7435025
Room 8435025
Room 913816080
Room 3+48610050
Room 5+68610050
Room 7+88610050
Multipurpose Room A9731000500800
Multipurpose Room B215200130150
Multipurpose Room C587600300400
Multipurpose Room A+B11881200600950
Multipurpose Room B+C802700400510
Multipurpose Room A+B+C177518009001100
Floor 1
Room 1.113813060
Room 1.2675025
Room 1.3282010
Room 1.410610050
Floor 2
Room 2.18811055
Room 2.2242015
Room 2.315016080
Floor 7
Room 2008391300150300

Fairs and events / calendar

You will find here the calendar of fairs scheduled for 2019 in .PDF format. This document includes all the fairs that are currently being held both in the Site by the A-II Motorway and in the Congress Palace. This document can be updated at any time. Therefore, it is advisable to visit our website.

If you wish to visualize the events / fairs that are going to take place in the Site by the A-II Motorway, click on the following link and select Zaragoza Fair [Feria de Zaragoza].

If you wish to visualize the events that are going to take place in the Expo Congress Palace (congresses, shows and others), click on the following link: and select Congress Palace [Palacio de Congresos].

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