About Us

Together, we make your event greater

We are an association of entities of public ownership organizing fairs and events in Huesca, Teruel and Zaragoza, aiming to promote the fair activities in the Autonomous Community of Aragon.

In Asociación de Ferias Aragonesas [Association of Aragonese Fairs], we continuously work on advising our partners on optimising the performance of their activities. We act on behalf of 70% of the fairs and events held in Aragon and we represent the interests of our partners before public administration.

We are always working with our partners to grow their business together and at the same time, to enhance the economic development of our respective territories. We are an entity specialized in the economic activities of each of our municipalities, counties and provinces.

Our events are a space for business agreements and enhancement of the economy of each place, with a high economic impact. We work together, in a coordinated manner, so that each of our organizations can offer best services to exhibitors, customers and visitors – and keep on growing.

We contribute to the economic development of Aragon and we value the capacity of our organizations. We energize the commercial activity of the territories and share the individual strengths to achieve a common goal: to improve the quality of life and well-being of the people living in Aragon.

We promote economic activity, the boost of employment and the promotion of our territories and of numerous industries (agriculture, livestock, agro-industry, general fairs and fairs dedicated to leisure and free time, as well as handicrafts and tourism, among others).

We bring the strength, diligence and interest of many and different public entities – town councils, fairs institutions, development agencies – with a great experience in the organization of fairs and events, with exhibition halls and facilities with an exhibition potential of 224,400 m2 (using a total exhibition surface exceeding 7,000,000 m2).

Together we are an important network of stable exhibition halls – we include 75% of the fair institutions and we have permanent exhibition halls – endowed with magnificent services and modern facilities and, in the last five years, the number of visitors of the events of the Association of Aragonese Fairs was almost 1,000,000 people.

In addition, we are promoters of economic activity in other sectors, such as accommodation, hospitality, products, services or local activities, key in the value chain of the development of the territories of Aragon and a broad commercial and business exhibition platform.

Together, we are a great team of expert professionals, committed to the development of the participating events, entities and territories, whose purpose is to defend the interests of the associates so that each event is truly for everyone.


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