Fraga Fair

Mercoequip – the Fair of Commercial, Agricultural and Industrial Equipment, is the Fair of Fraga and the Region of Baix Cinca. It has been organized since 1989, after a pause of 14 years since the last organization of a Fair in Fraga. In recent years Mercoequip has been evolving, incorporating a series of parallel activities, the festival of San Isidro, Cross School, 10 km Race, ICT Contest, Trotamons, always with the aim of making the fair more attractive and attract more public, which is always the prime objective of the fair.

Mercoequip has been gradually sectoring the fair. In the pavilion, the food and catering sector is differentiated from the rest, by delimiting an area for it and marking it with a different stand design. Regarding the exterior, there is an area for agricultural and industrial machinery, and on the other side the automobile sector, which last year was housed in a warehouse of 3,000 m2, annexed to the Sotet pavilion.

The public that attends the Fair as visitors, comes from a wide regional strip that spans from Lleida and the Segría region, to Bujaraloz, Barbastro and Huesca, passing through the Ribera del Ebro on its Catalan side.

Likewise, the exhibitors that come to Mercoequip come from different economic, industrial and commercial sectors and from places belonging to Aragón, Catalonia, Basque Country, Central Zone and Navarra. The average rented area in the covered pavilion is of 12 m2, with stands of 9, 24 or 36 m2 also available.
MercOcasion is a vehicle bargain and 0 km fair that takes place in September; most of the exhibitors are from Fraga and there is also the presence of Zaragoza, Lleida and several locations in their province. On average, around 150 vehicles are exhibited.

Fraga LanParty opens its doors for 4 days in a row, from Thursday to Sunday, and will remain held uninterruptedly. The pavilion is divided into two different zones: the area for ​​participants, with the access for people registered for the event, and the visitor area, where anyone can enter to enjoy the activities that are carried out, and play all kinds of retro and recreational consoles and participate in on-line competitions with very interesting prizes.

The participants include some professionals in the world of 3D printing and drones.

The Lapislázuli playground opens its doors in the Sotet de Fraga pavilion every Christmas. It offers all kinds of attractions to the youngest.

Feria de Fraga
Fraga Fair

Technical data (total surface: indoors and outdoors, parking, facilities, access)

Fraga has a covered pavilion of approximately 4,500 m2 , which hosts fairs organized in the town. It also includes 3,000 m2 of open-air area and has a parking lot of ​​about 10,000 m2.

Fairs and events / calendar

Dates for 2019

  • MERCOEQUIP 17th-18th-19th May
  • MERCOCASION 6-7-8 September
  • FRAGA LAN PARTY 12th-13th-14th-15th September
  • LAPISLAZULI from 26th December to 4th January

Contact information

22520 FRAGA (Huesca)
TELEPHONE +34 974470050


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