Feria de Biescas

The Town Hall organizes 2 official fairs throughout the year, the Spring Fair and the Autumn Fair. In both fairs there is a Fair Committee responsible for designing, organizing and implementing them.

Both Committees have the president, the director and several members.

Technical data (total surface: indoors and outdoors, parking, facilities, access)

Spring Fair: The total exhibition area is of 1,650 m2, out of which 1,625 m2 are covered, divided into 2 spaces and the remaining 25 m2 are open-air spaces for exhibition of flower beds.

Autumn Fair: The exhibition area of ​​the covered livestock site is 2,440 m2, divided into several tents; the exhibition area covered with handicraft stands (textiles, wood, ceramics, leather …) and processed agri-food (cheeses, pâtés, sausages, wines, beers, preserves, pastries…) is of 2,320 m2; the surface of outdoor exhibition for vehicles and agricultural machinery is of 100 m2, in addition there are 2 tents for tastings and various actions, one of 150 m2 and another of 600 m2.

The parking lots that are available for both fairs are 2, one of 12,000 m2 located in the area of ​​Glera Alta and another within the town of about 4,000 m2.
The exhibition areas can be accessed comfortably from any point of Biescas as well as from the parking lot, with each access, both for pedestrians and vehicles, clearly marked.

Fairs and events / calendar

The Spring Fair is held in mid-May and revolves around horticulture, home gardening and plants in general. A weekend where you can enjoy a lot of fun activities, workshops, conferences, demonstrations or exhibitions for all audiences. There are dozens of exhibitors, from jewellery artisans to honey producers, and for some years the honey tasting contest has been held, on which the best honey from Aragon is chosen.

The Autumn Fair, which this year celebrated its 26th edition, is normally celebrated on the third weekend of October. It is a livestock, artisanal and agri-food fair in which the last few years cheese has gained major prominence, celebrating a cheese contest in which the best cheese is awarded among all the exhibitors, in this edition 28 ones.

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