Caspe Fair

The Institution of Caspe Fair is an autonomous body dependent on the Municipality of Caspe, whose objective is the organization and revitalization of the fairs.

Technical data (total surface: indoors and outdoors, parking, facilities, access)

Fishing Museum and Municipal Sports Marina for the NAUPESCA contest: Open space with pontoons, restaurants & cafeteria, jetty, museum and esplanades where hunting and sports activities are held.

Fair site for EXPO CASPE: The EXPO CASPE exhibition space occupies an area of ​​15,000 square meters divided into three halls, a livestock covered area, the outdoor area for the exhibition of machinery and vehicles and the area used for fair attractions and street vendors.

Fairs and events / calendar

NAUPESCA In the months of April or May in the Museum of Fishing and Municipal Sports Marina.
(Dike Urbanization – Fishermen’s Village).

EXPO CASPE Always around the Festival of November 1 (All Saints).
In the venue located in C/ Diputación s/n in Caspe.

Contact information

Institución Ferial de Caspe
Plaza de España, 1
50700 CASPE (Zaragoza)
Phone: 976 639066 / 636 993 027


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